SoWo 2011

26 05 2011

Took the yearly journey to Helen, GA for Southern Worthersee. A whole weekend of VW/Audi goodness! Here are some flicks of the astounding show.


The Shine Shoot

27 04 2011

so i did a shoot for my good friend Shine over the weekend, awesome models and great company. Over all a good time, so here the shoots finally hope ya like them 🙂 o and check out her website and buy some Sacto goods!

WEKFEST 3 and a Drink at the hotel

27 02 2011

hey i know im a week late on this but atleast i posted it haha. so last Sunday was one of the biggest car show events of the year, Wekfest, held in San Fransico at Fort Mason, not in Japantown like the previous years.  so Norcal HFD decided to head out the night before the event to go kick it with some Socal HFD that came up.  Had a few drinks at their hotel and knocked out.  Woke up at 7am to try and beat the line but no matter what we couldnt avoid it.  seen some sick cars roll in while we waited and when the Wekfest finally opened their doors we seen some jaw dropping whips.  HFD was rep’d at the show Jeremy and his tC won 3rd place Scion, Casey and his Gen2 xB rep’d hard, and our new member Drew and his 74 RHD Celica was killin it…well on to the pics

In with the new

24 02 2011

lots going on over here, some changes you’ll see some will be on the back end, but it’s all for the better. As you can see we now have our own url. and soon a new designed site compliments to one of our newest contributers and our newly aquired webmaster Casey, lets all have a hand of applause and a welcome to him.

Also would like to welcome Todd to the familia as well, he’s a videographer/photographer hailing from Sactown. He recently shot video for us of Wekfest, soon to be posted here for your viewing please.

so with all that said be on the lookout for more posts, exclusive content, maybe some shwag, and a whole lot of win!

see you soon kids!

17 02 2011

Not gonna name names, or call people out, but you know who you are and this is just for you!

Sacto Beat Swapmeet 2011

6 02 2011

so last sunday went to a place in sac called Sol Collective to support my girl Danielle and here clothing company Shine Clothing.  Lots of vinyl being sold, clothing, cds, food and some good music.  Later on during the event i headed to the back of Sol Collective and found some Producers making beats.  Some of the cleanest beats i’ve ever heard in fact.  While they were going off, some B-Boys in the back corner were doing their thing.  It was a great event with a lot of good people and good music.  o and if can please check out my good friends clothing @ ok time for the pics yo!

o yeah watch out so cal this event is hitting you soon!

Snow Box

4 02 2011

This is Darku’s xB…taken after the wicked snow storm that hit Oklahoma. Its pretty cool what an iPhone can do.